Monday, March 15, 2010

Plop! Splat! Puddle

You know those water rides at amusement parks such as Six Flags?  You know the ones where you if you stand in one place or sit in a specific seat  you get soaked?  Or at Sea World where if you sit in a certain part of the audience you are guaranteed to get wet?  Well, that is what feeding Ellie is like.  The Bear is doing very well eating her cereal.  She makes these funny faces & then smiles so big.  She grabs the spoon and puts it correctly into her mouth.  Of course she then decides to chew on the spoon rather than allowing me to reload the spoon with cereal.  Anyway, she likes to blow raspberries.  She likes to do them especially after eating a huge spoonful of rice cereal.  Even though I try to jump to the side as she starts to spray goopy rice all over the place, I still manage to get it on my glasses, shirt, and on occasion, pants.  It seems that I need as many clothing changes as Ellie :-)

Oh and Ellie is trying to drink from a sippy cup :-)

ENT surgery is tomorrow bright and early.  Ellie is first case.


  1. I am saying a prayer right now for Ellie and her doctors....and mommy & daddy....and grandmas & grandpas. Take care, Leslie

  2. Such a big girl with the sippy cup! I'm praying for you too little Ellie Belle.
    Awa Grandma


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