Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucky Charms

The little Bear had quite an adventurous morning.  I would like to point out that I am traumatized.  I also would like to repeat what I have said many times before--all babies should be born with IVs or PICC Lines.  Let me repeat that again. All babies should be born with IVs.

Today was Ellie's 6-month Well-Child-Check.  She did fabulous!

Weight: 15 lb 1 oz = 90% on DS chart
Height: 25 inches =  90% on DS chart

Yes, my little Ellie is a chunky monkey :o)

Everything looks good on the physical exam and developmentally she is doing great.  Dr. Nichols stated that Ellie is doing more than many of her 6 month-old patients. . .even those without DS.  She further went on to say that her own children were not as advanced at 6 months.  Super Ellie!  She credits most of this to Andrew and me working very hard with Ellie.  I would like to credit Ellie.  She is determined.

Today was much harder for us than yesterday.  True I was freaking out yesterday about the surgery and the anesthesia, but today I had to do something no mother should have to do--restrain her baby while someone pokes her with needles.  Ellie Bear needed blood drawn for a thyroid panel.  This is a routine test for children with Down Syndrome since they are at high risk for hypothyroidism.  She will have her thyroid checked yearly from now on.  There were only 2 nurses in the entire clinic today that could draw blood from a chunky baby.  All of the others were on spring break.  One nurse held Ellie's arm while the other felt for the vein and drew the blood.  Ellie is a shaker and a mover so I had to hold her body and other arm down to prevent her from rolling over to escape the tourniquet .  It took 2 tries to get the blood (her vein collapsed on the left and the second time it kept rolling).  We are hoping that we got enough blood for the lab.  Ellie was screaming and screaming and looking at me right in the eyes saying "Mommy, why are you letting this happen?"  It was horrible and I never want to do this again.  At the next well check blood will be drawn for CBC and transglutaminase IgA (celiac screen).  Goody.


  1. Aww. Poor little thing.
    At least she's looking stylish in her St. Pat's outfit.

  2. St. Pat's outfit courtesy of Awa Grandma Bruns! She's our little lucky charm:-)

  3. Aahh . . . Been there, well not for blood taken, but I've had to hold Haleigh down while the doctor checks her ears/throat and for the shots. It breaks my heart everytime!


  5. Not fun when they stare you in the eyes....I had to give my grandson his 4 year immunizations....MMR, Varivax, Hep A plus finger stick. He said to me thru tears "I don't love you anymore grandma"...By the time I got home from work there was a phone message "I love you grandma....and Dr. Rebbe too! Signed- Wicked Grandma !


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