Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Significance of March 21

March 21st has always been an important day.

It is the day that my perfect little world changed and brought forth... a brother. Oh the shame of not having the constant, undivided attention of mom and dad. My brother, Matt, came into my life on March 21st. While that day brought forth a huge change, it brought a great person. Matt is one of my best friends and we are very close after 20-some-odd years together. Plus, Ellie got her eye color from Uncle Matt.

March 21st is often the first day of Spring. It is a time for new beginnings--flowers blooming, animals awakening from hibernation, and occasionally Easter.

Finally, in 2006, March 21st was declared "World Down Syndrome Day". This date was chosen by Down Syndrome International due to the significance of 3-21. As in trisomy 21.

Since 2006, the entire month of March (actually it is more like the 3rd-21st) is used by many DS societies worldwide to organize activities & events to bring about increased awareness of Down Syndrome. So my fellow friends & family use March to educate others about DS & to recognize how special & blessed you are to have a child, aunt, uncle, friend, &/or niece with DS in your lives.


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  2. Changed it myself. I needed to shake things up a bit. I thought I would go a little bold.


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