Saturday, March 27, 2010


...That is the gift to bestow on your honey once you have been married for two years.  Granted, it has not quite been 2 years for us (4.12), but we had a babysitter this weekend--my Mom :-)

Now Andrew got me this very lovely gift from Victoria's Secret. . .Get your head out of the gutter!  He got me super soft jammies made from cotton!  All I gave him were some towels with a "T" monogrammed on them.

Ellie Bear,  Sophie, Amelie, and Tama got to spend a fun-filled weekend with my Mom.  Fortunately, most of them behaved without the presence of their parents.

Our Honeymoon--Mittenwald, Germany aka The Alps 4.2008

Andrew and I drove to Fredricksburg, TX on Friday afternoon and stayed the night at a Bed & Breakfast on Main Street.  Some of you may be wondering why we chose such a random town.  Andrew and I spent our honeymoon in Germany and Fredricksburg is a German-Texas town.  It has authentic German food, but people are wearing cowboy hats and boots.

Der Lindenbaum Restaurant in Fredricksburg, TX

In May of 1846, a group of 120 German Settlers from New Braunfel's, Texas arrived at what is today known as Fredricksburg.  It was not until after 1900 that some of the settlers spoke fluent English.  Today, you will not find anyone speaking German, but you will find many stores & restaurants with "Willkommen" on their signs.  Main Street has multiple boutique shops in old buildings from the 1800's.  There are antique stores, quilt stores, beer gardens, and of course leather & cowboy outfitters.  Even though no one knew what Flitterwochen (honeymoon) meant of how to pronounce our last name, we had a fabulous, relaxing time.

Andrew would not let me adopt the kitty.

This looks more Texan than German, but the building is considered historic.

We ate breakfast in the basement of the old hospital.

Do not fret, there will be more Ellie pictures and updates soon!

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