Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still Waiting

For those of you who are wondering. . .

1. Yes, I went a little crazy and changed the formatting of the blog. . . the colors, the background, etc.  It was time to spice things up a bit.  I chose the windmill in honor of Holland.  I have been setting aside a little each month for a future trip to Holland--for when Ellie graduates High School.  What a treat it will be to see the wonders of Holland.  Celebrating Holland!  The journey continues!

2. No, I have not received my biopsy results yet.  I have been kindly inquiring the oral surgeon's office and will call, yet again tomorrow morning.  It has definitely been more than 10 business days and that has taken into account the Memorial Day weekend holiday.  I was originally told 7-10 business days for results.  My thought is they took one look at it and said "oh this isn't urgent looking"  or they lost it.  If they lost it, I will will probably lose it mentally.

3. Andrew returns from Minden, Germany tomorrow!!!!

I cannot remember if I posted this one already.  Don't you just want to nibble on her little toes?

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  1. Yes, I do in fact want to nibble her toes.
    The new blog theme is very cute. Not as cute as the giant picture of Ellie on top of course. ;)


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