Saturday, June 26, 2010

Advanced for the Delayed

. . .That is what Ellie has been described as by her developmental therapist Jan.

Yesterday was our ECI session and as usual, our little Ellie Bear-Bear was a superstar!  Jan says that Ellie gets the award for her kiddo who made the most progress this month.

Four days ago, the Ellie Bellie Bear started pulling herself into a sitting position all by her self!  It seems that our baby bootcamp has been paying off!

What a big girl!  Where has my little baby gone?

We are to continue with the baby obstacle course--this is where Ellie is encouraged to scooch or inchworm over her boppy pillow to get to a toy.  We are now promoting the "pop-up" position.  I like to call it kneeling because that is exactly what it is.  Ellie is to kneel while supporting her hands on a box.  This will help her develop the muscles that needed to eventually pull herself into a standing position.  Good thing we lowered the crib mattress.

Ellie in the "pop-up"/kneeling position.

When inchworming forward, the Chunky Chicken is starting to get good separation of her arms and legs as in she alternates moving each arm and each leg.  This is good progress as last week she was moving both legs together and then both arms together.

Evidently Ellie didn't like the toys I picked out for her.

She still favors bearing weight on her left side so we have some ways to encourage Ellie to shift her weight to the right--ie such as getting her to reach out with the left arm by tapping her left hand with a toy.

Fine Motor/Language:
I am lumping these two developmental skills together since we are signing to communicate.  As you guys now know, I am slowly becoming more fluent in ASL.  I try to sign everything to Ellie and she is starting to recognize these signs.  In vain we have been working on "milk".  She could care less.  Actually, she could care less about drinking milk as she is more interested in her solid foods.  Ellie has, however, a significant interesting in getting "out"--as in out of her high chair, out the carrier, out of the jumper.  Because of this interest, she has discovered that signing "out" gets her just that--out.  "Out" is a more complicated sign so she has been grabbing my fingers and bringing her hand together.  She then throws my right hand.  Hence the baby sign for out.

The Bear-Bear is also starting to wave "bye-bye".  She picked this one up quickly as we only started waving last week.  She keeps her arm at her side, but opens & closes her fingers in response to "bye-bye".

Ellie "talking" to her toys in the jumper.

She is still babbling up a storm and is loud.  Hum, I wonder who she got that trait from ?  Dadadada is still the main phrase mixed in with raspberries and babababa, oohyah, & abu (you know like the monkey's name from Aladdin?).

Jan recommended that we turn to PBS and watch Signing Time.  I have never seen this show so I will look into it.

For actual vocalizing, we made flashcards with bold capitals letters--B,D,M,P,W.  Example: I hold the "P" flashcard next to my mouth and slowly make the "puh" sound for the letter.  This way she can see how my mouth moves and what the letter looks like.

Just for kicks: Tama hoarding Sophie's bone.

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  1. I love that picture of her sitting there looking at the camera as pretty as you please!


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