Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Great Story

It is not often that I pay attention to the advertisements in the magazines that I read.  These days, I am lucky if I get a chance to read a magazine.  Many times when I do see the ads, they are for clothes or hair products or cars or sports drinks, and unfortunately even for cigarettes.  Many magazines usually feature very beautiful models who look nothing like the your everyday person.  So imagine my surprise when flipping through both Glamour & Self Magazine I come across this ad.  I did a double take.  Yes, it is true!  An advertisement for the My Great Story Campaign sponsored by the National DS Society.

NDSS' My Great Story on http://ndss.org/stories is a place where people with DS or people who know others with DS (ie neighbor, sister, aunt, son) can share inspirational stories.

Below is a link to a short video clip about a fellow St. Louisan and her brother who lives with her.

Living With Down Syndrome

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