Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Social Development

Today Ellie accomplished two very important milestones!!!  Go Ellie Bellie Bear-Bear!!!!  Both of them occurred during today's playgroup.  

1. Social Development: Ellie actually acknowledged and showed interest in another baby.  Typically, she ignores the other kiddos and plays with her toys.  These other kiddos can be practically crawling on her and she doesn't even give them much attention. Today, however, she looked at and and tried to "hug" baby Brennan.

2. Motor Development:  The Baby Bear did two crawls, yes crawls, to get a toy--as in she was up on all 4s and she moved her little legs and arms forward two consecutive times.  

Language Development Update: Just before the weekend, Chicka-Boom was in her little play-yard while Andrew and I were eating dinner.  We hear "da da da da da".  Yay!  New loud talking from the Ellie Bear. She obviously doesn't mean da-da specifically but these are new letters.  Currently, Ellie & I are working on signing nursery rhymes such as "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Old MacDonald".  The sign language books are courtesy of our neighbor Pat and we have an Old MacDonald Board Book.  Ellie thinks I am very funny and I am hoping that she is storing all of these signs in her brain for future use. 

In other Theurer news, I visited the oral surgeon yesterday for my post-biospy appointment.  It was quick 5 minutes in which he looked at my incision and then sent me on my way.  There were no biopsy results yet even though it had been 7-10 business days.  Yes, I know that Memorial Day fell in there.  I get it, but still, I hate waiting. I did request the office to call the pathology lab to be on the safe side (remember when we were waiting for Ellie's karotype results?  Sometimes it pays to be the squeaky wheel).  Anyway, Dr. N assured me that the office would contact the path lab and that he would call me once he has the results.  He has until tomorrow before I contact his office.  Yes, I know that is bugging him but I do not care.  In the medical world, results may hang out at the lab and get lost.  Or they get faxed to the office but get lost in the shuffle and the doctor never sees them.  He has many patients and cannot keep track of everyone so it is up to me, the patient to be my own advocate.  Okay, I am officially off of my soap box.  There you have and there you are.  Nonetheless, I am guessing that no news is good news.  

Drew-Drew-be made it to Germany in one piece.  He is hanging out in Minden for business.  I am slightly jealous.  Well, not jealous of the long plane trip with layovers and then the 3 hour train ride, but I am a bit envious that he gets tasty food, beer, and fun culture.

Time for a nap!

I am a berry happy girl, but I miss my Daddy berry much.

So, um, which one of us is Alpha again?

So as for those blackberry stains. . . I got most of them out.

1. Apply laundry detergent directly to stain
2. Soak garment overnight in cold water with 2 tbsp of white vinegar
3. Apply Spray N Wash or Shout to stain and machine wash on cold.


  1. Awh, Ellie-bear has such a great little smile. Her happy little face just melts you. She truly looks like a Berry Happy Girl! Btw, where do you find these cute shirts? :)

  2. Ellie has been a busy girl learning to play with friends, crawl and talk and boss her puppy around:-)

  3. There is no question in my mind who the Ms. Alpha is!


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