Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 9 Months Ellie!

Can you believe it has been 9 months already?  That is how long it took to cook my little cupcake.  Well 9 months & 1 week.

Look Mom!  I have flip-flops!

Yesterday we went swimming for the first time.  At first I was a little apprehensive.  You see, Ellie hates baths.  We actually put her in the baby bath inside the regular bath-tub and use the shower.  She seems to tolerate the shower okay, but that is after I sing the "bath song" from Monta Z. Biant's Sign, Sing, & Play

Turn on the hot
Turn on the cold
Water in the bath-tub
Water in the bath-tub

You get the picture and I sign all of this in the process.

How did swimming go?  Well, see for yourself:

I guess Ellie Bear likes swimming.  All of us had a great time at the pool!

Angelika with Haley & Jaden

My Godson Grant, Haley, & Jaden

Ellie, Anna, Haley, Jaden, Grant, Jess, Baby Grace

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  1. Happy 9 mos to the little fishy! Gotta love the flip-flops:-)


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