Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Girl's Weight

There is truly only one time in a female's life in which it is appropriate to inquire about her weight and to be happy about the fat rolls--infancy.

Here are Ellie's stats from yesterday's well-child exam:

17 lb 5 oz
90% DS chart  What a chunky monkey!

26.5 inches
75% DS chart  Where did she get this height?  I blame the Bolte's.

Head Circ:
 41.3 cm
50% DS chart (only 3% on the regular chart).  Funny, her head doesn't look that small, but then again, she does have those chunky Andrew cheeks.

Her pediatrician thinks Ellie is doing great.  

She agrees with my thoughts on seeking additional physical therapy outside of ECI and has written out a referral.  I had been researching various PT places looking at location, insurance acceptance, patient reviews, and if they also offer Speech & OT.  Of the places that I called today, there are waiting lists.  It looks like it may be a month before Ellie can even be evaluated for additional PT.

As for Ellie's oat vs. wheat allergy. . .we have been referred to an allergist and Ellie has her appointment on Thursday of next week.  Yesterday, Ellie & I ran up to the Dell Children's lab for a CBC and IgE Food Panel.  She was a super trooper on the blood draw! 

1. The CBC screens for iron-deficiency anemia which is common among babies this age as they transition from formula to solid foods.  The CBC will also screen for leukemia which is unfortunately more predominant in children with DS.  

2. The IgE Food Panel is a blood test that looks at the antibody development against 40-93 different foods.  To even come up positive for some of these food such as Eggs, Nuts, Shell fish, she would have needed to have been exposed to them.  Hopefully this test will give us a better idea as to which grain product(s) to avoid.

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