Monday, July 6, 2015

Quick Updates All Around: Travel, Lice, School, Friendship, and the passing of Amelie

I started this post about lice.  Yes, LICE.  As in Ellie had lice a few weeks ago.  That post isn't completed. . . yet. . .  but I decided to write about more mundane, and less disgusting things today.  Such as, what we have been up to the past few months!

In May, we had Ellie's IEP meeting.  You can learn a little bit more about it here.

It was also my darling, Tabitha's birthday.  My forever daughter in Russia turned 5 years-old and may or may not have aged out of the baby orphanage and transferred to an institution.  Given the adoption ban, I no longer receive updates on this sweet girl.  If any of you happen to know how she is doing, please contact me.

Andrew had a huge conference in Vancouver, B.C towards the end of May and I got to join him halfway through!  My mom flew down to care for Ellie so that Drew and I could have a mini getaway.  This is something we haven't done since Ellie was a baby and it was the longest we were away from her.  We had a lovely time eating out, checking about the water, and meeting up with my friend Lisa.  We went to the Capolano Suspension Bridge which is a huge deal.  I am petrified of heights.  I had this idea that I would swoon from the fear, crack my head open and then fall to my death.  Thankfully, that did not happen.

While we were gone, Austin and the surround areas were hit with record rainfall.  There was massive flooding just to the south of us.  At one point I-35 was washed over.  We had friends lose everything.  People were missing.  We were fortunate that the only damage we had was to our garage.

Bear graduated out of PPCD [preschool preparedness for children with disabilities].  I would love to tell you that she had a big graduation complete with cap and gown, but there was really nothing to mark the day.  She does have a few days of summer school that last about 2 hours/day for 4 days/week for 5 weeks out of the summer.  During her down time, we are having a grand old time with friends.

Girl's night with Sheryl & Rita at Cru Wine Bar

The not so fun part is that all of these doctor's visits seem to have snuck up on us.  My personal favorite is the dentist.  Ellie is usually such  little toot.  Screaming, thrashing, biting - and that is just a daily thing at home with me brushing her teeth.  So imagine my surprise when Bear cooperated for a dental cleaning - tooth brushing, fluoride treatment, flossing!!!

Then of course there was the lice incident, but more on that later.  Let's just say it was horrendous nit combing her hair and taking care of all of her hair accessories - hats, headbands, bows, horse helmet.  

It was very fortunate that the lice infestation was caught the week before our much anticipated trip to St. Louis to visit my parents.  Could you imagine bringing lice to another person's house?!  Ellie and I traveled to St. Louis sans Andrew.  Andrew had just returned from a business trip and needed to put in a bunch of hours at work and he also had great plans to work on the laundry room (this would be the laundry room that was gutted back in late December and the one that I blogged about in March).  

The Chunky Chicken was a rock star on the plane and behaved really well when we went to places like Kaldi's Coffee and this restaurant out in Washington, Missouri to visit my Uncle Robert and Aunt Sue.  Our visit was quick and we didn't get to see many people outside of family.  Ellie tried a ton of new foods - hamburger, deli chicken, alpine cheddar, gluten-free cookie.  I noticed that she did this the last time we went out of town back in March to visit my best friend.  Maybe the change of environment and being around new people make her a bit more adventurous?  We also managed to wear her out because she was going to bed between 6:00pm-7:00pm!

I ended up going with the white and the black mug from
The Shack, but I think I should have sprung for the red one too!

Unfortunately, a huge shadow was cast upon this trip.   My beloved 7 year-old tortoiseshell rescue kitty was compassionately put down.  To be so far away and not get to say good-bye was and has been rough.  The return home was extremely upsetting.  My spunky kitty didn't run to the door to great me.  She will never burst through the dog door and "chirp" at us.  She will never sleep on top of me again.  

Amelie was our honeymoon kitty.  The day we got back from our honeymoon, Andrew and I went to PetsMart to pick up dog food for Rodeo (?-2009) and kitty litter for Tama.  I walked out the door with Amelie in tow.  My little rescue kitten had a whole lot of spunk and personality.  Just after Ellie and I left for St. Louis, Andrew noticed that our Ame wasn't eating and seemed less energetic.  She used to sit on top of the fridge instead was laying around on the floor or on Andrew.

She arrived to the vet dehydrated, constipated, with a temperature of 95 (normal cat temp 100.5-102.5).  It was assumed that she had some sort of infection that entered her blood.  After a bunch of labs, it turns out that she was not septic, but was in kidney failure, most likely due to congenital polycystic kidney disease.  After intensive treatment, it because apparent that Amelie's body was shutting down (she was 91 degrees by the end) and we opted to compassionately ease her suffering.  It was really hard for Andrew to see her like that, but he was with her in the end when she gave him one last "meow".

I miss her so much, but I know that she is now playing with our dog Rodeo and curling herself up in his tail like she used to do back when she was a tiny kitten.


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