Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mixed Signal Communication and Dream Lites

It is the end of Signing Time.  The blocks crash to the floor and the utensils held in Ellie's tiny hands are frozen in mid-air.  Ellie, my hyperactive, cannot-sit-still Ellie is staring, mesmerized by the TV.  An "Eee  Yay!" excitedly escapes from her lips.

It can only mean one thing.

That ridiculous commercial for Pillow Pets Dream Lites is on.

It happens every. single. time. that blasted advertisement comes on.  And I want to puke, pull my hair out, scream, click off the TV.

While many children are purusing the toy catalogs and making wishlists for Santa, my daughter has no idea that in just a few weeks there will be a slew of presents just for her underneath the Christmas tree.  Of course, it might help if we were to put the tree up.  Ellie's cannot exactly tell us in words what she wants for Christmas and if I show her a toy ad from the paper, she just tears it or shouts "BALL!" so instead I have been analyzing various toys and learning resources in hopes of finding educational toys.

Yet, a girl needs to have some fluff!  A toy that has no hidden agenda.  A frivolous toy.

Ellie's persistent excitement over the Dream Lite commercial has led me to believe one of two things:
1. She really likes the music in the commercial "dream lite. sleep tight. starry night."
2. She actually wants a Dream Lite

This Mama Bear was not going to ignore this communication from her daughter!  First, I had to consult Facebook.  Can she actually sleep with the blasted thing?  Yes. Where can I find this?  CVS, Target, Walgreens, Ross, Amazon.  Who has it the cheapest?  Ross, at $20 vs. $29.99.

My baby toddler girl was going to a get a Dream Lite from Santa.  Although in the back of my mind, I was still wondering if she truly wanted the toy, but rather just really liked the commercial.  I pulled up the Dream Lites website on the iPad and figured she would most likely want the Penguin of the Puppy. I showed her the pics.

She pointed at the Penguin.

Then she said "gah" and signed dog.  [gah =  dog]


I repeated this process a few times over the next few days.  Same result.  Talk about mixed signals. So does she want the penguin and is signing the dog only because she see the dog or does she actually want the dog?   I was so confused.

At this point, I was starting to become concerned about the Dream Lite supply at Ross and I did the only thing a mother could do.  I took Ellie with me.  To buy a present from Santa.

There was only ONE Dream Lite left.

It was the penguin.

Oh good!  Oh crud!  What if she really wanted the dog?

The Princess sees the Dream Lite in my hands and screams "GAH" and signs Dog.

I suppose that answers that.  The penguin IS a dog in her eyes.  I supposed she wasn't sending mixed messages after all.

As for if she really wanted the Dream Lite.  That would be a resounding YES!  For she yanked it out of the cart and held it the entire time we were in the store.  She then cried when I had to give it to the cashier.  The penguin Dream Lite is now safely hidden away for Santa to deliver.

For other gift ideas (fun, but also educational), visit Ellie's Holiday Gift Ideas.

*I actually have nothing against the Dream Lite toy itself (just the annoying commercial), unless they make noise.  They don't make noise, do they?



  1. I can only say that I wish that the tv programming Samantha watches had commercials for toys and stuff, but it doesn't. So we just get her whatever *we* want to get her. If we show her a catalog, she points to every. single. thing. and says she wants it. Not helpful at all. Commercials would certainly make gift shopping so much easier (and more expensive)! So, that being said, I think Samantha would *love* this Dream Light thingymabob, and I'll be keeping my eye out for one! Thanks!

  2. Haha!!! Glad u found one at Ross:) Way to much thinking into that one gift.... :)) I would hate to see how much goes into the other gifts;)

  3. I did the same thing with Avery though... I showed her a Barbie house on the computer and watched her eyes light up and get all excited and she says "Avery's" so then after that I bought it!:)

  4. That is so freaking adorable!!!! Cora signs "dog" for so many animals, even ones she typically knows. Hmmm. The only thing I think will get a reaction from her under the tree are the wrapped Signing Time DVDs. I can't wait until Christmas is more exciting.

  5. What is with the Dream Lite oldest, Taylor, is OBSESSED with it! We ended up getting her the unicorn but now she wants all of them. I don't think so.......


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