Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Bear of Destruction

Is under the weather. . . Even sick bears can find ways to create chaos and trash the house.

Climbing.  Check.  The Bear has to stay hydrated.  Apparently, it requires standing on top of her baby's head to accomplish this.

. . . and sitting on top of the island.

Throwing blocks, nesting cups, play food, and baby all throughout the house. Check.  She gets bonus points for caring out her destruction into 3+ rooms.

Acting as though the TV is a really large iPad.  Check.

Eating 2.5 donuts.  Check.  Sick Bear needs to keep up her strength.

I am adamant that this adorable little girl goes to school tomorrow.  The house (and mommy) may not survive otherwise.



  1. She is so cute! And I love your kitchen :)

  2. Awww, I hope she's feeling better and up to going to school tomorrow! For both of your sakes! I, too, LOVE your kitchen! And love that little dress/top she's got on - so cute!!


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