Thursday, November 8, 2012

I will never forget

Lately, I have been joking about Ellie's recent weight gain, thus happily reinstating the "Chunky Chicken" nickname that she earned when she was a wee, chubby baby with rolls.

My little girl has never needed to worry about food.  She always knows that she will get to eat and mostly likely will have a few choices of what to eat.  She never had boiling hot, watered-down gruel shoved down her throat via a bottle with the nipple cut off.  She never had spilling out of her mouth, soiling her clothing because she couldn't swallow fast enough or because she was not receiving reflux medications.

Ellie is 3 years-old and weighs 28 lbs.

Many children in Eastern Europe, residing in orphanages or institutions are severely malnourished and underweight.  Many children who are adopted from these regions are brought home weighing half of what Ellie weighs.  Some of these children are so malnourished that they are immediately admitted to the hospital as soon as their plane touches U.S. soil.

Throughout this blog, I have shared adorable photographs of the Princess Ellie demonstrating her rocking climbing skills and playing with her blocks, baby doll, stuffed puppy, books, or plastic utensils.  She has been given ample opportunities to explore her environment all while knowing that her mommy is near by to shower her with love and praise.  Myself and various therapists have worked with Ellie to help her develop her gross and fine motor skills.  Thus enabling her to navigate her world.

How can a child learn to sit up, crawl or even walk if he is left in a crib or tethered to a chair?  How can she learn to feed herself, turn the pages or a book, or even build a block tower if she does not have access to toys?

Many children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Apert's syndrome, or other "defects" are deemed unworthy of life and are placed in institutions throughout Eastern Europe.  Their parents are advised that this is "what's best for them".  Yes, it does sound a bit like us 30 years ago.  Sadly, these orphanages and institutions are not healthy environments.  Their may be overcrowding.  The staff uncaring or overworked.  Supplies are scarce.  Diapers may be reused.  As in the disposable kind.  The children are often left for hours on end in their cribs.  They do not have much human interaction.  No love.  No one to read to them.  No one to hold them.  No one to cheer them.

These children are not forgotten.  Not by me and not by many of my dear friends.

Jane, my fellow UK blogging buddy, is very adamant that my hair will be a glorious color of the rainbow by Christmas.  Our goal of $3,000 for Bobby is nearly halfway met.  In fact, Jane was just in Kalinovka--the remote institution where our Bobby lives.  The location where the Happy Child Fund is constructing the 2nd House That Love Built.  FORGET ME NOT!

Bobby 50

The Forget Me Not has its own Blogger Platform now.  Jane has spearheaded it and would like the word to get out as she is having a rather difficult time gaining followers and thus spreading awareness about these children.  Please head on over to the Forget Me Nots and click that little "share" button.

Even if it is not possible to donate (believe me funds are tight!) or you are loathe to see me with an unnatural hair color, share share share.  Perhaps one person will see Bobby and KNOW that he is her/his son.  Perhaps another person, perhaps with a rather large checkbook, would be moved.  Or, even if you have just $1.00.  If every follower on this blog were to donate $1.00, our Bobby's fund would grow by nearly $200.  Jane has huge giveaway going on right now over of the Forget Me Not so be sure to check it out.

Of course, I am not just stopping with Bobby.

Maggie.  Darling Maggie is a little girl who is just one month younger than my Ellie.  That's right, she just turned 3 years-old and has spent 3 years without a family.  She has cerebral palsy and desperately needs a home.  Early intervention and love would help little Maggie thrive.  This little girl has been so heavy on Christie's heart.  So very heavy that doesn't know what to do to help her.  Christie has been selling Scentsy product like there is no tomorrow with a pledge to donate all of her earnings to Maggie's fun.  If you want more information on her Scentsy sale, please contact me.

Finally, I cannot end this post without showing you my Tabitha and Elden.

ANNOUNCING:  Tabitha has a family!!!!!  I do not know any details yet, but it just recently happened.  Her photographed has been moved to the My Family Found Me Page!!!!!!

This young boy has a HUGE fund.  Where is his family?

For more information about why I am passionate about these chidden, vies this video with a large box of Kleenex.


  1. WHOOT WHOOT! Tabitha has a family!!!!! Hopefully nearby?!?! BTW-Ellie is beautiful and perfect. We adore her. We must have a play date soon!

  2. This is why I love you.
    One day...

    And awesome news about Tabitha!


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