Sunday, July 22, 2012

Splish Splash

A quick little weekend post. . .

We got a pool.  Nothing extremely large or exciting, but large enough for me and Andrew to climb into the water.  We figured the Bear was such a little mermaid that she would love this new addition to our house.  We were wrong.  She is, in fact, terrified of the pool.  The pool has been taken down and our backyard looks a little less like King of the Hill.

Ellie is rather quirky about her water adventures.  She loves water tables and she firmly believes that she must sit in them for a maximum playing experience.  She believes Sophie's water bowl is her own personal, indoor splash table.  Ellie also loves sitting in the sink and washing her hands.  In fact, after anyone uses the bathroom, she believes that she must wash her hands.  She brings her little step-stool over just so she can dip her hands in to the cool water and splash around.  The bath is finally something she enjoys, except for the whole getting her head wet part.

While the pool was not a big hit, the local splash pad is.  I am thrilled that Ellie has finally learned to embrace the awesomeness of the splash pad.  Last year, she was petrified (last year she loved our friend's pool.  She isn't fickle or anything).  Give the girl a yellow bucket and she is in a state of pure bliss.  

Maybe one day we will be back to this:




  1. My middle child loved the bath...loved splashing in the sink...he loathed the pool! We took swim lessons at the Y...someone would have thought I was torturing him. It was the longest 30 minutes for 5 weeks of my life! What's even better, my husband is the waterpark director at an indoor waterpark resort! Thank goodness Ian snapped out of it two years ago on vacation! 3 years of his screaming was enough to do me in! Good luck...I'm crossing my fingers she changes her mind about the pool!

  2. Opposite! My girl HATES the splash park but sees a suit or floatie and is by the door asking (signing) to go swimming. I'd suggest they meet & confer but there's a risk they'll conspire to give up all water activities and then we'd be stuck inside all summer.


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