Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Rainbow Team

It is happening folks. . . remember that purple hair dye I was talking about a few months back from You're Drying Your Hair WHAT Color?  No, I am not getting more white hairs.  I am now getting gray hairs courtesy of Ellie's mind boggling escapades, but that is besides the point.

Phase 1 of the 50 for 50 fundraiser has been met.  Over $3,000 has been raised for the The Second House that Love Built.  Let me give you all a very big fat "THANK YOU!" for all of your help and support!  All of the funds raised are going directly towards Orphanage 50 in Kalinovka for building the second building through the Happy Child Foundation.  The happy home will house up to 9 girls in a sprawling home-like setting, rather than having up to 30 children with one care provider.  This home will have a lounge, a kitchen, bedrooms, playrooms, and classrooms where the girls can be educated and play!

The future sight of the second house of Orphanage 50

the FIRST House that Love Built
through the Happy Child Foundation.

Jane from Flight Platform Living is drawing her first prize in honor of raising those greatly needed funds so be sure to head on over to her blog when you get a chance.  Also, the cheeky little lass has gone full-blown rainbow in celebration!

See lovely pictures of Jane in all of her rainbow glory.

I know that you are all anxiously awaiting for me to debut my fabulously died Barney-Purple hair, but you must wait.  For you see, our little Bobby still desperately needs funds (and a family!).  So before I whip out my manic panic and experiment on these bouncy locks of frizz, we need to help Bobby's fund reach $3,000.

I know that we can do this.  Even if you are unable to donate money, you can spread the word about Jane's fundraiser and show Bobby's pictures.  Because wouldn't it be wonderful if Bobby's family were to find him as well?

In celebration of The Second House that Love Built, I will be streaking my hair with some other color--I am taking votes.  Suggest your color in the comments section!

The remainder of my hair will be dyed once we reach Bobby's $3,000 mark!

For more information:

The Second House that Love Built Fundraiser.
Orphanage 50 aka The Chernigov Facility at Kalinovka
Happy Child Foundation--The Happy Child Foundation is a non-profit organisation which strives to improve the lives of impoverished, neglected and diseased children by harnessing donor funding, personal contacts, community resources and skilled expertise.


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