Thursday, July 5, 2012

What my daughter can do that I cannot

That's right, chin-ups.  Ellie thinks nothing of opening each of the top dresser drawers and doing a chin up.  By the time I shot this video, she already completed 3 of them.  I couldn't do a chin up to save my life.  It's a good thing she isn't heavy because I am having visions of the dresser drawer snapping. Just a little reminder that poor muscle tone does not equal poor strength.



  1. Hahaha ... did NOT see the dog in the closet coming! I just explained yesterday to someone that yes Aziza is very strong but yes she also has low muscle tone. Muscle tone is neurological!

  2. Oh my goodness! And I agree, poor tone is definitely not related to strength. Ask anyone who has tried to put an IV in my kiddo. ;)

  3. Oh my! We frequently have the discussion about low tone not equating to lack of strength.


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