Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ellie's Newest Obsession and Why I am Losing my Sanity

Just when I thought I really, truly had everything child-proofed, Ellie Chunky Monkey decides that sinks are positively delightful to sit in.

Seriously, no one warned me about this.  (Why don't kids come with WARNING labels and instruction manuals?) I did not learn this in nurse practitioner school.  Well, technically we did learn about childproofing and climbing, BUT the climbing was usually about not having drawers open because they could be used as steps.

So how did my little darling of an angel get into the sink?  Um. . . I am not entirely sure.  You see, I went to put some bath toys into the bathroom and I turned around and there she was.  Me thinks she grabbed onto the lip of the sink/counter and used her mad chin-up skills while scaling the cabinets with her suction cup feet.

Ellie is really into dental hygiene.
It is important to utilize 4 different toothbrushes all while wearing Mardi Gras beads.

We thought our master bedroom was safe.  Clearly not.  You see, our house is from the 1970's where it was apparently really cool to have the bathroom sink and a few cabinets outside of the actual bathroom.  That means we cannot close off the sink from the bedroom.

Come on!  She HAD to turn the water on?
This counts as a bath, right?

Where on earth did this obsession with sinks come from?  As a wee little baby, I never bathed her in the sink.  I mean, just look at our sinks!  They are nasty little cesspools of toothpaste and germs.  Yuck!

This morning I thought to warn the preschool of Ellie's propensity to treat the sink bowl as her personal throne of Bearity-Bearness and guess what Miss T said "I though you knew for she has been doing that here for the past few weeks."  Gah!

Jillian, look out!  This is what you have to look forward to this Fall!

Someone please tell me what is going to be next.  Tell me what your kiddo has been up to and how they are causing your gray/white hairs.



  1. I love this! She is adorable.

    I guess you'll have to turn the water off to your house now! LOL!

  2. Elena has started cleaning the sink. Any sink. With anything she can find. The other day while Brian was watching her, she apparently scrubbed the bathroom sink for 20 minutes with a bar of soap. Unfortunately, it was the day after we had a maid come in to clean the house (a birthday gift from my mother-in-law), so I had little bits of bar soap all over my newly cleaned sink. She has actually thrown a fit before when I told her it was time for dinner and she needed to stop scrubbing out the kitchen sink with the dish wand. On the up-side, we have one of the cleanest kitchen sinks around!

  3. Aziza does this daily. We had to really ensure that the water could not get very hot because of her need to bathe herself in the sink fully clothed!

  4. Ohhh Ellie... :)

    Jonathan can now climb up onto the couch and ottoman.... except he can't get down by himself unless he falls. So he climbs up in 3 seconds flat, and sits facing the back of the chair with his back/behind 1-2 inches from the edge... and starts rocking and bouncing on his behind....

  5. So, you'll love this...Emily likes to climb into toilets and stand in them! I think I might also lose my mind if it continues! I thought about locking them down but my poor 5 year old would probably pee his pants trying to get the seat open!

  6. Challenge accepted :) what a precious little climber!!!

  7. My son is a climber. One nice Spring day, I opened all the windows to let the air in. When I walked down the hallway and looked into my bedroom, there he sat perched in the window sill with just a screen between him and a very long fall to a concrete patio beneath. After that, windows were only opened from the top.

  8. Haha! Coop does this as well, but hasn't turned the water on.....yet. I think it is because he doesn't like to be 'messy', so water + clothes isn't cool. :)

  9. Adorable! And I'm sure her teeth will be sparkly clean! My little monkey is now climbing onto the dining room table - which wouldn't be so bad except then she bats at the hanging light fixture. I give it two days before she tries to hang from it & pulls it out of the ceiling.

    Also the toilets. GAH! Her dolls have to go potty but they have not mastered the art of not falling in. Or she may be taking them swimming. Not sure. Not pleased either way.

  10. Oh my, I love the 2nd photo of Miss Ellie!!! She's like, "what?!?! I'm not doing anything!"

    Too cute!

  11. LOL! She is fabulous! V climbs on and up everything too! Suction cup feet! Yes! I love it!

  12. LOL! She is fabulous! V climbs on and up everything too! Suction cup feet! Yes! I love it!

  13. So cute!

    She looks a lot like my cousin in that first pic.


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