Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Would You Do?

Tonight on ABC there is special edition called "What Would You Do? " involving hidden cameras that capture everyday scenarios & people's reactions.

Scenarios include:

  • Witnessing pilots drinking prior to boarding their plane
  • NDSS Sponsored: client poking fun & being rude to a grocery bagger with Down Syndrome 
  • Waiter verbally passing judgement on a lesbian couple with kids
  • Bridezilla

The second bullet point is of particular interest to me.  I know that I cannot stop it from happening, but I know that at some point Ellie will be teased or called hurtful things due to DS.  If this show, if my blog, and if any of you continue to spread DS awareness to even one person just imagine the how much better the world will be for those with special needs, or for those who take care of someone with special needs, or even for those of you who know of someone with special needs.

Reminder: Down Syndrome Awareness Buddy Walk for Central Texas is October 24, 2010
Join our family in walking the 1 mile walk in Georgetown, TX or sponsor Ellie-Bear!--More information to come.....

Here is the brochure from last year's walk.

For those of you who live in different cities and want to participate click the link below. 

Now look at that pretty sit!

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