Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jump-A-Roo Ellie

I do not have anything new to report.  Ellie is still as determined as ever to get whatever toy she wants.  She gets on all 4 and rocks.  She does the superman.  She swims.  She then goes into upward dog and yells.  When none of that gets her to the toy, she screams.  She is great at rolling and pivoting to get whatever she wants.  She loves trying to master these new motor skills.  So much so that she delays going to bed.  I often see her on the monitor practicing her moves when she is supposed to be sleeping.

We have started using the Johnny Jump Up.  She likes it although she hasn't quite figured out that she is supposed to jump in it.  Instead she twirls around and tries to get close to me or watch the puppy in the other room.

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