Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project--Vote for DS Education

One of the many goals of the NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society) is to bring awareness of Down Syndrome to our society.  There are so many misconceptions about DS. There is a lack of school inclusion as well as services for when these children reach adulthood.  True, many schools already include children with Down Syndrome in the mainstream, but what happens upon graduation?  Where will they live?  What kind of jobs can they get?  Who will help guide them?  What kind of health problems can the medical community prepare for that are unique to those with DS now that they are living longer?

You have already heard me go on and on about my favorite Cards play Albert Pujols and his work with adults with DS.

You are correct, the link above is for Pepsi.  Why do I have a Pepsi link on my blog?  Is this due to my obsession with Diet Dr. Pepper?  Not exactly, although I do love my DDP.

Pepsi is in the middle of their "Pepsi Refresh Project" where consumers can place votes on where grant money should be allocated to.  Under the $25,000 Grant, there is the option to vote for Creating an Educational Resource Program for Children with Down Syndrome.  Now I know what some of you might be thinking.  Do I need to pay to vote?  How many Pepsi products do I need to purchase to place a vote.  The answer is:  None.  It is free!  

Click here to read more about the Education Resource program.  Or you can go to and search for "Down Syndrome".  It will give you the opportunity to vote and it shows a breakdown of where the grant money would be applied.  Voting is free and easy.  You can even do it through Facebook.   The DS education idea is ranked 69th right now so place your vote!

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  1. Thansk for the info! I'm going to forward it to my dad!


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