Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

I love my Drew-Drew.  My only Drew-Drew.  I love my Ellie Bear.  My only Ellie Bear.

Last year at this time I was pregnant with Ellie.  In my personal opinion, last year was actually my first mother's day seeing as there was a live kicking baby girl fetus hanging out in my uterus.

All of that being said, yesterday we celebrated my first Mother's Day :-)
Andrew, Ellie Bellie, and I met up with a couple and their two sweetie-pie kiddos at Chez Zee.  I love Chez Zee and we do not go there often so it was a special treat.  They are known for their Creme Brulee French Toast.  I dream of this toast--the scent, the taste, the texture.  YUM.  Actually, it isn't really like toast at all.  It is a thick wedge of dense bread that is sort of like creme brulee and is drizzled with caramel-honey and topped with a couple of strawberry slices.  It is a carb-lover's dream and a diabetic's worst nightmare.  I devoured all of mine :-)  Plus, the make a pretty decent cup of coffee.

My Boo Baby decided to enter the world a littler earlier than planned and as such popped into the world in September.  On Mexico Independence Day to be exact.  Just think, an entire country and half of Tejas drinking Margaritas on the Bear-Bear's Birthday. Anyway this significance of September is this--the birthstone is a Sapphire which is much more exciting and more beautiful than October's pink Tourmaline.  That is just my opinion, but those who know me know that I do not do pink.    Do you see that fabulous picture at the top of the screen?????  The sapphires AND diamonds?!?!?!  Again, did I mention that I love my Baby Drews and Ellie?  This completely makes up for Andrew saying he bought me flowers at Costco only to discover that they were flowers that required planting in the flowerbed.

Now perhaps the best present of all was Ellie Bear sleeping in for an extra hour yesterday morning :-)

Truly, the best present is having a wonderful husband who gave me such a beautiful, perfect daughter.

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