Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Almost 8 Months Ellie!

Can you believe that it has been nearly 8 months since our little angel entered the world?  I cannot believe how big she is or just how engaging her spit-fire personality is!  Even more impressive is the progress Ellie has been making in spite of all of the predictions that kids with DS will do x,y,z at much later ages.
While that may be so, Ellie seems to be progressing leaps and bounds on a daily basis.  Each day Ellie has accomplished some new task or is doing something for longer periods of time.
On Tuesday Ellie had her ECI therapy.  As usual, Jan tells me that Ellie is looking great.  She seems to think that Ellie is in a race to be a “super baby”.
Gross Motor:
Tummy Time: Ellie is lifting up to almost a 90 degree angle when on her tummy.  She is able to pivot in 360 degrees to get to toys.  She does sort of a side-lying position to get around (think of the side-lying-plank for all of you yoga people out there).  She is getting onto all fours and doing the butt rock for longer periods.  She just added Superman to her repitoire--arms and legs extended.  It is sort of funny because she sees a toy, mimis swimming, then butt rocks, and then supermans.  After none of those get her to the toy she goes into a full updog and screams in frustration.
Sitting: We have some improvement in this department.  She will tripod sit for a few seconds longer provided Sophie is in the room for her to watch.  She does well in the Bumbo for about 5 minutes when we pad her in the front.  Ellie still sits in the IKEA bin and loves it.  Jan would like Ellie to start doing a side-sit so that she may play without toppling.  That is much easier said than done.  Ellie hates it and arches and arches and arches.  Did I mention that she arches?  The side-sit is very similar to the tripod pose and while I would love to show you a picture, my little Bear is not cooperating.  We are still not sitting in a restaurant high chair or in a grocery cart even with front padding.  She still topples sideways.  I have recently repositioned her high chair fromt he reclined to the full sit.
Standing: Anyone who has met Ellie knows that she loves to stand.  Bear-Bear has strong legs.  They may be the strongest part of her body.  Jan would like us to start holding her lower on the body, closer to the hips so that Ellie must use more of her core muscles to keep her upright.  Ellie is such a strong girl.  In front of Jan, babycakes bent forward at the waist, picked up a toy, and then returned to her stand--all while I supported her at the hips!
Speech & Fine Motor:
Sign Language:  Jan does not like that Ellie is actually using the ASL sign for "mom" to communicate "eat".  She wants me to fix her hand to the appropriate sign.  Well, Phooey!  The whole point behind teaching her signs is to give her the power to communicate with us since children with DS are late talkers.  If she signs "mom" for eat, I know she wants to eat.  Isn't that communicating?  Besides, I can teach her a different work for "mom".  So now meals = battle time.

Fisher Price Aquarium = Infant Television

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  1. That's our Ellie! She signs how she wants to sign and sits and stands and whatever when she wants to. She has a mind of her own:-)


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