Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dance Fashion According to Ellie Bear

I know that I mentioned back in October that the Ellie Fashion Series was going to be a monthly occurrence and then I managed to miss November.   I think that I need a continuous IV drip of coffee. Although, I love the taste of coffee so maybe I need a keg of Dunkin Donuts/Green Mountain?

Moving on! Ellie continues to entertain me and many of her followers on Facebook with her fashion ideas.  So it only makes sense that it carries over to her dance attire.

Behold the Ellie Bear headband-legwarmer-cowgirl boots costume!

Red cowgirl boots go with everything!

She really really really likes to jump.

I have no idea what she is so excited about in this picture, but doesn't she look adorable?
Seriously?  Who taught her to put her hand on her hips?!

Presenting: Ellie's Dance Fashion Sense over the years.
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Let us not forget her big television debut.


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