Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ellie's Television Debut

Back at the end of March, I was in Wisconsin for my SIL's bridal shower.  That's right folks, be shocked that my baby brother found that special someone!

While I was away, I left explicit instructions that Ellie must arrive on-time to her dance class and that she MUST not wear pajamas.  The second one I was most concerned about.

You see, Ellie participates in a special needs dance class through the charity 2dance2dream.  McKenna Carr is 19 years-old and volunteers her time teaching children with various abilities how to dance.  This includes kids with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, autism and of course Down syndrome.  She knows sign language which is a pretty big deal! Ellie and Jack, who has tuberous sclerosis complex, happen to be in their very own dance class.

Ellie and McKenna
Contrary to what this pic shows, The Bear loves McKenna.
She loathes me taking pictures.

Because McKenna selflessly gives herself to others, she was nominated for a special award through KVUE's 5 Who Care.  Sheryl, Jack's mama gave an awesome interview expressing the thoughts that I was not able to share since I was in Madison.  Andrew, hid in the back.  Apparently, he is camera shy.  My daughter is not.

Here is the new segment:

Look!  no pajamas :-)
Bear stole the headband from awesome volunteer Elizabeth.
Thus began the birth of Ellie's headband obsession.
Camera shy that is.

Girlfriend flirted with the camera man like there was no tomorrow.  This means she only got a cameo on the news show because she was too busy trying to "help" film the class.  Jack was a freaking rockstar as you can see in the news video.


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