Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2dance2dream: The Recital

Back Stage
I have mentioned a few times that Ellie takes a dance class that is offered by the 2dance2dream program which is a part of the Legacy of Hope Austin Organization.  This program is for children with special needs.  Ellie and Jack participate in the program and over the weekend they had their dance recital.  Jack was a superstar.  Ellie, well let's just say Ellie was Ellie.  The good news is Ellie didn't attempt to crowd surf.

excuse the blueberries stuck in her teeth

There are several young ladies in the 2dance2dream that serve as volunteers.  Ellie has mastered the art of manipulating these wonderful girls into holding her during the dance.  It is a motor sensory thing for her.  By hold her, she gets to the movements of the dance.  She will wave her hands around and of course she claps for herself at the end.

An amazing thing occurred at the end of her dance.  Backstage after the dance, Ellie said "I did it!".  As I was in the audience, I didn't get to hear her first sentence however there were several witnesses.  I have not heard her say it since, but my mama bear heart has been beaming!

Of course, Ellie thinks nothing of dancing in the middle of restaurants, but dancing in a dance class NEVER!

I am apologizing for the lack of blogging.  I have two torn discs and vertebral degeneration in my lumbar spine.  Sitting exacerbates the pain.  I tend to sit to type the blog.  So, my poor neglected blog!


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  1. What a character that kid of yours is haha. I hope you feel better soon!


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