Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shake It, Baby, Shake It

Ellie would like to announce:

Legwarmers are totally in vogue.  They should be worn with cowboy boots.  Because that is what a Texan girl does.

I have mentioned before that Ellie is in a dance class that includes children with special needs.  It should be noted that while she loves this dance class, she does not actually dance.  In fact, she expects to be held like a little princess while the person holding her royal highness dances [I have a video proving this but I forgot to ask the teacher's permission to post].  I kid you not.  Well, she will dance, provided there is a camera man present--more on that later.

Yet, Boom-Boom thinks nothing of shaking her booty in the middle of a restaurant.  In front of strangers.  While shouting "dada dada dada".  Because that is what The Bear does.  The only reason she stopped dancing is because another family of frequent flyers entered Noble Sandwich Company (aka The Noble Pig) and she had to greet them.

Oh Bear. . . you are ever the Diva.


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