Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just to tie you over. . .

I have a lot to write, but no time to do it!

  • A brief update on the preschool situation coming soon. 
  • Bluebonnet pictures coming soon with the added bonus of a fire ant treatment tutorial! Yes, Bear found an ant pile.  Uh, her precious bottom found the ant pile!
  • Play for All Abilities had their egg hunt this past weekend so pics from that coming soon!

Here is a precious little pic to tie you over:

Kudos to "Aunties" Meeta, Preeti, and Jen for picking out this fabulous dress for Ellie Bear!



  1. Thanks for the lovely photo to tide us over until you next post. I hope that something has been resolved on the preschool situation!

    1. We are working on the preschool situation. . Revised my letter with the help of a more knowledgable friend :)


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