Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ellie Bear Fashion Series

Ellie is quite the fashionista.  She has her own sense of style and she rocks it.  Lately, I have had several requests to create a blog post series using my Daily Ellie Bear School Photos that I post on my personal Facebook wall and The Chronicle of Ellie Bellie Bear Facebook page.  So here you all go! I apologize as most of these photos are a bit blurry because Ellie is running and I am using my camera phone.

Yes, she is that excited for school.
Bottom left: that would be Pete The Cat wearing a white headband.

Much to Ellie's disappointment, Elsa did not accompany her on the school bus.
Check out girlfriend's red cowgirl boots!

Oh child.  Ellie was all dressed up for her school picture.  Matching clothes.  Matching hair bows (no headbands!).  Combed hair.  Clean face.  I go to pick her up early from school for therapy and she saunters out with . . . her winter hat!  Something tells me she snuck it into her backpack before hopping on the bus. The good news is: the hat matches her outfit.

A bit about the weather.  We had a few freakish days where it was actually cool in the morning.  Think 50s.  For native Austinites, 50s = freezing.  Whimps!  This is where the long-sleeves and coat come in.  The short sleeves and skirts are because it is usually heating up into the mid-80s/90's.  The winter hat has absolutely nothing to do with the weather as this is just a part of Ellie's style.

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  1. Love this display of Ellie's sense of style:-)

  2. Your Facebook isnt there. I love following your Ellie.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Kandi! I forgot the ridiculously large number that follows . Try this!


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