Monday, February 10, 2014

The Origin of Her Name

There is a quiz circulating around on Facebook--Which Pixar movie are you?.  I am a sucker for quizzes.  No matter how wonky they are.  I took the quiz and was so happy that I am the movie "Up".  You see, not only do I LOVE that movie.  That movie is what caused Andrew and I to name our daughter Ellie.

Yes, my daughter is named after a cartoon character.

In the movie Up, the Carl ,old man with his house and balloons, is still madly in love with his deceased wife, Ellie.  He knew her as a child.  She was an adventurer.  She had spunk.  Grit.  They were best friends and then soul mates.  They dreamed of traveling.  They never did travel.  She passed away and he decided to fulfill their dream.  His love for Ellie was so strong.

When Ellie was born, we named her Nadja Marie.  We had two names picked out--Nadja and Silva--and we decided to wait until delivery to "see what she looked like".  Silva is my MIL's middle name and Marie is my mother's.  We also like Nadja.  (Have I even mentioned that my hubby has deep Croatian roots?) I wanted Alma, but Andrew gave me a resounding "NO!".  He told me I could name our next dog Alma.  Gee thanks.

Anyway, Andrew thought she looked more like a Nadja than a Silva.  When it came time to fill out the birth certificate, we both thought "um, so uh, she really doesn't look like a Nadja".  Mind you, this is after my FIL announced on Facebook the birth of Nadja with all of her birth stats.  Oops.

We named her Ellie to reflect our undying love for her.  We thought she would be spunky and "an adventurer" (oh goodness, we were right on the spunky).  So, we have Ellie Marie.  Who now thinks her name is Bear and Chunky Chicken and Chick-a-Boom, Chunky Love, and Turkey Bear.


  1. What a cute story! I love that movie too. It's funny how we give our kiddos names, but then we add all kinds of nicknames to go with it. Owen knows all of his too!


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