Monday, February 3, 2014

A True Texan

On Thursdays, Ellie goes to the library with her class. Most of the time I have no idea as to why she has chosen whatever book she comes home with as she shows no interest in it during its week long stay at our house. Then she came home with this book:

I know she picked it out.  She was really excited to point at the pictures on every page.

This book is proof that my little Bear is a true Texan.  Made and born in Texas.  Now, of course, each picture was followed by her announcing "Dada".

Yes, we are a truck family.  Our Tundras were designed and manufactured in San Antonio.  Yes, plural.  We used to own two trucks at the same time.  You know, HIS and HER trucks. Then I became all mother-like and got a more family-oriented car which I affectionately refer to as the "swagger mobile" and Andrew drives my old Tundra.  In Ellie's eyes, trucks = Daddy (and Mommy = boring)

Baby Girl doesn't remember when I used to hoist her infant carrier in an out of this monster truck.



  1. Oh, now I KNOW for sure that Ellie and Owen are meant to be......Owen's favorite things in the world are cars and trucks. He has also checked that book out of the library before.

  2. I haven't read your blog in over a year and wow she looks like she's doing so well...what a change! you are such an amazing research so much, she's so blessed to have you.


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