Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays with a little bit of icing.

I had this amazing plan that Ellie Bear and I would decorate Christmas cookies.  It was foul proof.  I say this because I bought a kit from Target.  I didn't attempt to bake and the kit came with icing and sprinkles.

As with most things when a preschooler is involved, it did not go as planned.  First off, Bear pitched a fit because she did not want the star cookie.  She wanted the snowman.  Mom, read my mind!

Then she pitched a fit when I put a little bit of fluffy white icing onto the snowman cookie.  NOOOO!

Then she pitched an even bigger fit when I added the rainbow-colored sprinkles  Clearly the world was ending.  

Chunk-A-Love grabbed the plastic knife and the icing container and went to town.

Apparently, I was doing it all wrong.  Of course one is meant to consume the icing directly from the container with a knife.  My child is a genius.



  1. That's my girl! And yes, Mom, you SHOULD be a mind reader, didn't you know?!

    Love your card....proudly displayed on my card tree in my dining room! Thankfully O hasn't swiped it yet.....he tends to take the cards with pretty girls on them and hide them in his room. Oh boy.

  2. My typical daughter, who is three and also a sensory seeker, had a similar experience when we tried to make gingerbread houses (easy graham cracker ones). Step one, use knife to spread icing on the graham cracker. Step two, lick it off while Mom helps older sister. Step three repeat... Step six, screw the graham cracker and lick icing directly from knife... Step eight, put whole hand in icing cup and shovel directly into mouth. Stick one candy to graham cracker house and eat handfuls while Mom is, again, occupied with helping sister. Thank goodness we were at my parents' house so she could work off the sugar high with my father!

  3. Oh, Ellie! You show that Mama how it's done! I have a feeling Cora would be right on board.


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