Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, and Doc

Today Ellie decided to see how many of Snow White's Dwarfs she could channel within 2.5 seconds.  I believe she maxed out at 3.

The Chunky Chicken thought it would be a good idea to boycott her nap.  I strongly disagreed with this idea and attempted to veto her decision by placing her in "quiet time".  My veto did not hold a lot of power over her because it sounded as though a circus was being performed in her room.  Defeated, we left for Ellie's follow-up with her ADHD doc.

Ellie No Nap = Wild Child = Trouble

She actually made it through most of the appointment okay.  By okay I mean she didn't move the exam table across the room like she usually does.  Bear was tired by the end.  Exhausted Sleepy Bear.

As we were leaving, Ellie started to crankily scream "BYE BYE BYE" to everyone while clutching her baby doll, stuffed Sofia, and stuffed Snow White (yes, she travels with her own entourage).  One of the nurses said "are you grumpy?" to which Ellie stated "Nooooo!" and frantically signed "happy".  After which she promptly threw herself onto the floor crying and carrying on.

But she is happy, folks.

Ah Ellie, sometimes I want to scream and wave my hands too.

I would like to do this too. . . nap please!



  1. Oh as a preschooler is just rough, isn't it? Take it easy on your mama, OK?

  2. She probably signed "Happy" because she doesn't know the sign for "Fine." "Fine." being the universal "actually not fine at all and you should probably stop what you were about to do and fix this immediately."


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