Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey Santa, Look! and Ellie's wish list

Dear Santa, I would like the Fisher Price Princess Castle.  It is pink and purple and makes noise.  I would also like. . . 

Oh my goodness!  Santa!  Look!  Oh my. . . oh oh oh.  It is a tree!  A TREE!!!!  Look Santa!  There is a tree.  With lights.  It is huge!  Tree!  Tree!  Tree!

I took about 20 photos.  All but 18 of them look like the above pic.

Ah, Mom.  Yes, I see you still have that camera glued to your face.

In related news, Ellie seems to have figured out that Santa is a "papa" and as such brings wrapping paper and bows presents to good little girls.  Since Ellie is always a good little Bear, she has compiled a wishlist.

Ellie's Christmas Wish-list

ice cream
Princess Castle

(note these are typically signed everyday upon waking followed up by signing "car" because she knows we do not have these in the house.  Occasionally, we will go so far as to hand me my shoes so that we can go in the car to buy said items.)

This past weekend we celebrated Breakfast with Santa.  Of course Ellie had to wear her Sofia the First PJs.  Princess Bear seems to be getting the whole Santa thing.  Sit on Santa's lap.  Scream "TREE!". Santa gives her candy or present.  Oh to be young again!



  1. Oh man....I just love her to pieces! Can you just move to the Chicago area please?!

  2. Gah! That last one slays me! SOOO happy! Plus belly button. she's really laying on the cute thick.

  3. Love that last picture of her with Santa! Delight!

  4. So cute! I hope she gets everything she wished for---especially the sandwich. ; )


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