Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ellie Antics

That's right folks!  It is time for another edition of Ellie antics.  A blog post that will probably embarrass my little Bear when she is a teenager.

  • Curtain rods are not as sturdy as they appear to be.  When Bear was boycotting bedtime, I went in to check on her.  I discovered Ellie, naked from the waist down clutching her PJ bottoms.  Her diaper was in the middle of the room.  Her curtains. . . well that obnoxiously pink cupcake fabric was pooled on the floor and the curtain rod was bent in a such a way it looked like modern art.  Me thinks the Bear tried to hang from the curtains again.

  • Ellie only cares about fashion.  She inherited this obsession from my niece Haleigh and most definitely not from me. 

    • I bought these boots back in the day for the whopping 3 days of cold weather we have in Austin during "winter".  Ellie refused to wear them.  There were tantrums.  And kicking.  And crying. And "nooooo!!!".  Now that we have lovely weather in the triple digits, these boots are the most stylish accessary ever.  These "Boooo" must be worn for every occasion.  Remember, black goes with everything.  As does yellow.  Who cares that they are almost too small.  We must make small sacrifices for fashion.

    • It is important to coordinate.  When one is watching Sofia the First, one must wear the Sofia dress while holding the plush Sofia doll.

  • The Bear is a big fan of the Monkey Mouse.  I mean, Mickey Mouse.  In the beginning, Ellie only signed "monkey" for Mickey Mouse.  Andrew and I were confused and were trying to figure out what books / TV show had a monkey in it.  When we finally figured it out, Andrew would sign "mouse" and say "Oh you want to watch the mouse!"  Ellie started to sign "mouse", but would then look back at us and adamantly sign "monkey" afterwards.  It was as though she was humoring us by adding in "mouse".

  • Juice, I mean Sofia.  Ellie is trying hard to communicate.  The thing is, she makes up signs and I am left trying to decipher them.  Sometimes, it takes me a month to figure it out and in that time, Ellie gets rather agitated.  I tried to teach Ellie the sign for princess as in the character Princess Sofia of Disney's Sofia the First.  Some how, Ellie started to sign a slight variation of juice (which does not look like princess at all) and say "ah".  Bear would become rather annoyed and then frustrated when I would give her juice.  I would get rather frustrated and annoyed when she wouldn't accept the juice that she requested.  I wanted to throw a tantrum.  I finally figured out that when she says "ah" she is saying the end of So-fee-AH.  Why she signs juice is beyond me.

I have no explanation.

  • A little TMI here.  Someone prefers to poop after going down for the night.  Seriously, children will do anything to delay bedtime.  

  • A potty training update: I think the Chunky Chicken is making some good headway.  Either just before she pees or right as she is peeing, Ellie grabs her diaper.  The problem is that she hasn't learned about privacy yet.  Ellie, it is NOT appropriate to remove your diaper while at the bottom of a slide at the indoor play scape.


  • The trash.  We have been trying to transition Ellie from a high chair to a regular chair in a restaurant.  Ellie does okay provided we go when she is really hungry and we have the iPad.  I used to be one of those high and mighty people who said "when I have kids, they will never sit at a table with an electronic device".  Then I became a mom to a hyperactive Tasmanian devil.  Anyway, at home, my little girl is learning all about the sink vs. trash.  Apparently, this life lesson extends to restaurant settings. We have to hide straw wrappers and empty splenda packets from Ellie because she thinks it is imperative to run them to the trash can then and there.  It can not wait! Little Miss runs to the trash not worrying about who is in her way.  When she goes to return to her chair, she saunters on back like the Queen of Sheba and then gets distracted by every BABY!



  1. Monkey Mouse - bwahahaha!! Sooooo cute, ALL of this. :-) The baby in the shoe in particular - looks comfy!

  2. The 'cess' in princess sounds like juice.

    When the nerdlet was first potty trained she was still completely non-verbal. She would strip first then look for a pot to pee in. Sometimes the poor dogs dish would be used and sometimes she would start getting naked while we were walking through the mall.

    I was one of those, "I'm never going to have electronic devices at the table" pre-moms, too. Funny how that changes when you have a little one that is more than willing to occupy her time by running through a restaurant screaming.

    1. Your poor dog! That is funny. The Nerdlet is smart because she knew she had to pee on the/a pot.

  3. I think Owen and Ellie could have a competition to see who can mess up their curtains/shades faster. I'm about ready to go nuts with the way Owen fools with his shades!

    Oh and O also likes to wait until night time to do his "business" for the day. We're going to be on the potty training train for quite some time.

    1. The shades! Yes, the shades are a problem too. When you figure out how to keep Owen from messing up his, let me know!

  4. Sofia! Not being a fashionista myself, either, I had NO idea where my girl picked up her fascination with 'beautiful dresses'... then one day I realized she could turn on the disney channel all by herself. Darn princesses!

    Also, word to the wise - Watch your keys! We're down to one key per car thanks to (I suspect) that glorious magical device called the trash can.


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