Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Ellie Bear!

Four years ago today, Ellie came into our lives.  How we survived before her diva presence is beyond me as I cannot imagine my life without her.   More pictures next week as she is having her Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Birthday Bash next weekend.

Ellie turned 3 years-old:

Ellie turned 2 years-old:

Ellie turned 1 year-old:

Ellie was born:
September 16, 2009



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!!! Happy, happy birthday, beautiful girl!!!!

  2. That girl is beyond gorgeous. She is something! Happiest of birthdays, Bear!

  3. Ellie and Stella are 1 year and 8 days apart. Those photos of her are beautiful! she is a gorgeous little girl! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy (belated) Birthday, Ellie!


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