Monday, July 22, 2013

"I want mama"

It was a bit garbled and a bit rushed.  Yet, I heard it.  I understood it.  I swear to you that I did.

"I want mama" exclaims my four year-old daughter Ellie.  Her little arms stretched up and her bright blue eyes pleading for me to lift her high into my arms.

In the past 4 years, Ellie has only uttered a handful of words.  Of those words, only seven of them can be understood by someone other than me or Andrew.

mama [clearly the greatest sound in the world!]
yeah [yes]

Everything else is more like a jumble of consonants and vowels--eeeee, buh, hard K.

"I want mama"

I heard it. As did Miss Leslie. Meaning that I didn't imagine it or construe Ellie's jargon into what I wanted to hear. I struggled hard not to cry so as not to alarm Ellie Bear.  Yet, I sit here now, barely able to see the screen, as I cry those tears of happiness and amazement.  I don't know when or if I will hear that sweet, beautiful sentence again, but I am so happy to have been there during her therapy session to witness it.

This mama is proud of you little Bear.



  1. Love! I'm so happy you had that moment.

  2. Hooray!! That is SO exciting and fun. I would have cried too. Keep it up, Bear!

  3. This would totally make me cry. I sometimes get the impression that my bear cub is the only one that isn't speaking still.

  4. Oh, heck, **I** am crying. I was crying already about kindy, but this just sent me into ugly tissue territory.
    Our girls are growing up!
    Hugs, mama.


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