Monday, March 18, 2013

How to give a baby a bath: Pretend Play

By Ellie

Make sure you wash the baby very vigorously with a wet wash clothe.  Pay special attention to the nose because babies tend to be extra snotty.  Scrub scrub scrub.  Do not worry about letting the baby come up for air.  Baby dolls are amphibious.  

It is permissible to multi-task during bath time.   For instance, The Wiggles provide a great source of entertainment.  Just be sure to keep your hand on the baby while in the bath tub.  "hot potato hot potato.  potato potato potato.  cold spaghetti cold spaghetti"  What?  Oops.  I got distracted by The Wiggles.

When bath time is complete, don't forget to smother dry the baby. 

It is really much more efficient to bath all your babies at ones.  It saves on water.  In fact, oftentimes I like to climb on in with the babies.  The more, the merrier.  Wait?  What do you mean that one baby can't get wet?  It's not a bath baby?  Well what is that supposed to mean? Ooops.  

Most importantly, don't forget to give you baby lots of love and snuggles.

It has been wonderful to watch Ellie's playing evolve over the past year.  While she still loves building blocks and putting objects in buckets (or the freezer, or the dishwasher, or random drawers), she is starting to incorporate pretend play into her daily routine.   Right now, her babies are her absolute favorite.  Baby gets a bath.  Baby goes potty.  Baby gets yogurt (yes, real yogurt from a real spoon--hence the introduction of the bath).  Baby has her heart and temperature checked.  Then baby gets thrown across the room.  hmmm.  Nonetheless, I feel as though I have watched Ellie blossom from a baby into a toddler into a preschooler.  What do your kiddos like to do?


  1. Joey (almost 6) likes to perform. He will take any object and pretend it's a microphone and then stand on the fireplace mantle and sing his heart out. Dancing happens too. Man alive that boy has come such a long way and I'm so very proud of his hard work.

    Isabella (almost 8) loves to write, draw and build with blocks. She is a very creative and smart girl.

    But most of all they are both so kind. I'm very proud.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It led me to your blog, and I love it. It's going to my blog-roll right now! Your little mommy is so cute with her babies! Royce walks around carrying his little monkey and bear. I love when kids have favorite toys! He loves talking and showing-off his signs. He is obsessed with hats right now. He's constantly walking around the house changing-up on his hats! Also, he hides things. He tucks toys behind things in his room, or under the toy shelf, or hides things in the couch-cushions. Oh, another thing he loves to do lately is get cans out of the pantry, and reach them onto the kitchen counter. He also has been known to tuck cans into the couch-cushions!

    1. Hi Amber! Royce is such a trip "me sign!" I love it! I imagine it gets rather interesting trying to find where Royce hides all his toys. We had an incident once with the TV remote. Took us 3 days to find it.

    2. I forgot to mention that I added your blog to my roll as well--the blog roll is on a separate page at the top of the blog :)

  3. Awh! That's awesome! She is such a good little Mama.Love the one hand on the baby while she watches TV. Arlynn is also adding a bit of pretend play to her play skills. I took the cutest picture of her reading to her baby not too long ago. It has got to be one of my favorites. She likes to make her babies dance and jump and feed them their bottles. She also loves hats. She puts anything on her head, or my, head to pretend it's a hat. Anytime she sees someone with a hat on in public she signs hat. She's even attempted to say it twice!

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