Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Week of Celebration: Part 2

On Monday morning, we attended a very exciting play-date.  My dear friend Angelika invited us, along with Jess & baby Grace to her house for a "Beary Special Birthday" in honor of Ellie Bear.

Little Haley and Jaden answered the front door where Ellie and I walked down the "Bear-foot path".  The kiddos colored paper bear paws and taped them to the floor.

Here is what the fire place looked like:

Yes, Ellie is eating the decorations.

The Birthday Gang: Grace, Haley, Jaden, & Ellie

Yum!  Look at all of these cupcakes.  All mine!
(okay, I made special ones for her given her interesting oat allergy)

No she is not afraid of fire.  She is afraid of my singing voice.

Must have cupcake.

Hum, I have never tasted anything like this before.

Wow!  This is amazing!!!

Maybe I will fit the whole thing in my mouth.

More boxes and paper?!  What a wonderful day :-)


  1. Oh, she is going to LOVE that puppy!!!

  2. I have a very similar picture of a 1 year old eating cake on her birthday! Wonder who it could be?


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