Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remembering The Past Year

September 16, 2009 

IT'S A GIRL! Nadja? Marie Theurer at 6lb 10oz

My friend told me that she looked like a baby Mother Theresa

It's Official. . . Ellie Marie Theurer

aka Ellie Bellie Bear
Ellie Bear-Bear
Chunky Chicken
Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom (please review a Chuy's menu)
Ellie Bellie Bear-Bear of the Bearity Bears

2 Weeks Old

I already had my little darling decked out for Halloween. A Tama Boo Kitty!

1 Month Old

The famous hat!  

2 Months Old

Snuggle Little Ellie Bear

3 Months Old

Apparently the Holiday Season really wore out our little reindeer.

4 Months Old

Someone was feeling pretty spunky at 4 months.

5 Months Old

Rock-A-Bye Baby

6 Months Old

Ellie Bunny!  

7 Months Old

So Happy!  Big Smile! 

8 Months Old

Wee!  I love swinging!

9 Months Old

Swimming swimming in a swimming pool.

Ellie Mermaid

10 Months Old

The ever fashionista.  Yes, another hat :-)

11 Months Old


Cave Ellie!  Returning her "spoils" to the clan of the Sophie Dog-Bear.

~12 Months-Old

Because every toddler needs a tu-tu
Ellie Ballerina

What is our dear daughter getting for turning 1 year-old you ask?  Her 1st two teeth!

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  1. Happy First Birthday to the sweetest granddaughter ever!


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