Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Tooth Monster

It is official!  My baby is a toddler!  The Ellie Bellie Bear-Bear had a pretty good 1st birthday.  Well, it was a bit rough and tiring in the morning.

1. Her first tooth broke through the gum!  (The second broke through today)
2. She had developmental therapy in the morning.  She was so worked up and tired during ECI that we had to cut the visit short so she could nap.  Jan, the therapist, was super proud of the Bear's progress.  She was so impressed that we only modified a few of our current exercises.

When Ellie woke up Thursday, Andrew and I both went into her room singing "Happy Birthday". She was very excited to see both of her parents but looked a bit confused by our singing.  Andrew took off work a little early so that we could celebrate with the Bear-Bear.  Ellie had a snazzy little hat and a fancy dress from Hawaii (courtesy of Megan and Matt).   Here are some photos from her "Big Day".

Andrew was the goofy one.  He put the pants on her head.

I made this quilt for the Bear-Bear using her old receiving blankets.  

Sugar Coma (and not a big fan of the hat)

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