Thursday, July 15, 2010


Believe it or not, she actually loves this thing!

Ears, Nose, & Toes

Yesterday we had our follow-up appt with Dr. Z at ENT (ear, nose, & throat aka otorhinolaryngology). 

We were told that her ear tubes, being the special titanium ones, had the potential to fall out at 4 months rather than the usual 1 year.  Andrew and I had discussed this amongst ourselves and decided that if the tubes had indeed fallen out, we would not immediately jump into the next surgery seeing as Ellie has had no infection, no recurrent fluid/drainage, and no hearing loss.

We did not need to worry for the tubes are still patent!  Yay!  The audiologist tried to perform a behavioral hearing screen.  Ellie's hearing results for speech are normal at 25 decibels.  This is improved hearing from the 30 decibels (considered borderline-to- mild hearing loss).  As for tones, the results were inconclusive.  She also tried to get OAEs, which involves placing earbuds in Ellie's ears.  Good luck with that.  Needless to say, Ellie did not cooperate given she just had wax cleaned out by Dr. Z  and then an otoscope in there.  In 4 months, we shall repeat the hearing screen on OAEs.  

I cannot believe that tomorrow my baby will be 10 months old!

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  1. Yea Ellie! She's such a big girl. Too cute! Love the last picture!


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