Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day Photos Part 2

Leslie,  you make an excellent point.  I was naughty and wore black.  Not very patriotic, but it was all that I could fit in! Next year Ellie and I will be more coordinating clothing-wise.  Because the Bear-Bear is such a little fashionista and invited to many social events, here are a few more photos.

Andrew has referred to these photos as Ellie's "Sears Photo Shoot".  I was trying to find a great background to contrast against her dress and bring out her eyes & the blue details on the dress.  Fortunately, I own a blue blanket courtesy of Megan.  Aunties Meeta, Preeti, & Jen selected this lovely designer Calvin Klein dress.  I do not own anything that fancy.  Yes, my daughter is better dressed than me! :-)  Such a spoiled little princess!  

By the way, the hair-bow has fireworks on it.  Thank you Awa!


  1. Oh so cute! She looks like a dainty little doll. Love it!

  2. Love the pictures! She is adorable!


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