Monday, March 10, 2014

I blame it on my husband, Ellie antics

. . . it must be from his side of the family.  Because I  clearly wasn't like this growing up.  I wasn't!  I swear!

We were at the mall.  I promised Ellie that we would ride the train.  She was relatively patient as I bought our tickets.  She did okay while waiting in line even though she was frantically signing "black" as in she wanted to sit in the black train car.  When we got to the front of the line, the conductor told us that they were full and we shall be the first ones on the next train. . . in 8 minutes.

Eight minutes is eternity for a 4 year-old with ADHD.  Expecting a full meltdown, I strapped Ellie in the stroller while getting in on her eye level and employed the First-Then approach.  You see, I had big plans to go into Children's Place today.  The Bear seemed to have gained an inch in height and is borderline giant in the Ds world (90%tile) so chica needed new clothes that would cover her huge bo-dunk-a-dunk.  So I told her "first the store, then the train".

Ellie loathes shopping.  You walk over the threshold into the store and she starts to complain.   By complain, I mean shouting "nooooooooooo!".  Occasionally, she shows me her immense displeasure by flinging off her shoes and socks in opposite directions.  She is starting to get better because I let her pay and hold the receipt.  Sadly, I have to take her with me to the clothing stores.  I have learned that I cannot buy clothes without her.  You see, if I pick something out and it isn't to her taste, she will not wear it.  I kid you not.  She will take it off and hide it.  She will then attempt to break through the child lock on her dresser and choose her own clothes.  She is a big girl and has definite tastes.  Something that I also blame on Andrew's side.

Ever the fashionista.

This brings me to shoes.  Oh yes.  Shoes.  To get to Children's Place, I had to pass Stride Rite.  They had their new collection on display.  Princesses.  Just outside the doorway.  As in slightly in the walkway of the crowded mall.  Bear shouts "ooooooh" [shoe] and starts to take off her shoes.  While I am scrambling to snatch up her discarded shoes,  Ellie grabs the display shoe an puts on her foot.  Three sizes too big mind you and still full of tissue paper.

You know how kid's feet seem to grow overnight?  Well I was just thinking that we needed to get new shoes.  I did not plan to purchase them on this trip, but seeing as Ellie was actually wanting to go into a store, we went in and bought the shoes in her size.  They are princess shoes.  Sparkly.  She sat in her stroller, legs stretched out in front of her, admiring her awful girly princess shoes.  Clicking her heels together and acting all diva-like.  Maybe Ellie will actually wear her shoes at school now.

Save me.  Oh save me.  I have a girly girl who likes clothes and shoes.  Shoes with jewels!  Shoes with princesses and glitter!  Glitter!  I may be blinded by the fru-fru shoes.

All of this made me think of my niece, Haleigh.  Who is on my husband's side of the family. The adorable blonde-haired cutie who informed Andrew that she "only cares about fashion" and it is "all the fashion".  Clearly, this is not my fault.  This is all Andrew's.  The girly girl fashion gene is from him!

Brb, it is really really really quiet here.  Quiet + Ellie = catastrophic trouble

Errr, so, um.  Bear apparently climbed onto the bathroom vanity and emptied my jewelry box.  Guess she needed some accessories to go with her new shoes.

*I did not teach her this.  When she was, but 18months old, I was out buying her a straw cup.  I held up Lightening McQueen and Mater from Cars.  Come one, CARS!  She reached out of the cart and grabbed the pink Princess cup.  Little Bear was showing her preferences even then.

**Do not ask Ellie who any of the princesses are.  She has never seen the movies.  I actually like the Disney movies but Princess Bear will not sit through them.  She only watches Signing Time, Mickey, and Sofia.  You know things that are almost 100% music and last no longer than 20 minutes.  I have to watch these movies alone.  Very alone.  "the seaweed is always greener in some body's else lake.  you dream about going up there, but that is a big mistake.  just look at the world around you. right here on the ocean floor. such wonderful things surround you.  what more are you looking for?  Under the sea!  Under the sea!"

*** she went up a full shoe size.  Not a half size like usual.   Oh and I never made it to Children's Place.  Bear has to go au natural since we bought the shoes instead!

****Dear Stride Rite, I mentioned you in this post and I even posted pictures of your shoes.  If you would like to give me a discount for the free advertising I am bestowing upon you, that would be great.  Until then, I have received nothing for this post.  All opinions are entirely my own.



  1. LOL and I must say I love the hat in the picture! I believe I have one very similar. :-)

    1. You may laugh when I tell you that it is actually my husband's hat! He got it from some work thing!

  2. Those shoes are bee-u-tee-full! Ellie & Gracie need to commune as she's doing much the same (party dresses! Sparkly shoes!)… I was a huge tomboy & 98% of everything I own now is black. Is she rebelling already? Is it her many aunts' fault for buying pink?
    On second though maybe they *shouldn't* meet. Doesn't sound like they need the encouragement! :)


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