Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Busted! The Diva is at it again!

The Austin Statesman:

A Four-year old little girl is on the loose!   Last known whereabouts at Mom's Club playgroup with co-conspirator Hot Mama Pants.  Attempted to flee the scene with Sofia the First backpack and Hello Kitty goulashes.  It should be noted the day of the theft was dry and sunny.  Stolen contents stashed in Sofia the First backpack.

Contents retrieved from robbed friend's house: stash of Little People, wooden stacking blocks, and 3 plastic play utensils.  It is possible the culprit believes the play utensils are "hers".

Witnesses state that they believed the perpetrator was parallel playing and "shopping" even though she shoveled items into her backpack and announced her farewells by screaming "bye bye" and signing "home".  She also brought Mama Hot Pants one adult, very stylish, and extremely coveted red cowgirl boot and her sweater while exclaiming "bye bye yeah yeah".  This was clearly a planned escape.

If you spot Ellie Bellie Bear, proceed with caution as she is considered to be armed with a blankie and cranky.   She is known to perform the dreaded "stop, drop, go boneless" maneuver to escape apprehension.

If you see Hot Mama Pants, be sure to approach with chocolate and coffee.


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  1. Ha! The girl likes what the girl likes, mama!
    Personal property is so 1980s.


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