Monday, October 21, 2013

30 Seconds

This past Sunday was gorgeous.  A rare day without crippling Texas heat.  A perfect day to be outside and enjoy the weather.

I took Ellie to a nearby park to run off some of her energy that seems to know no bounds.  An energy that seems unique to 4 year olds.  The type that us old mama bears wish we had, but will never attain.

This park is shady, has a playscape that Bear can scale, and a little trail made of crushed granite.  It is all enclosed so Ellie can run to her heart's content relatively safe while this mama bear strains her muscles attempting to keep up.  While on the trail, Ellie stopped, spontaneously reached over with her sticky, dirty tiny hand and grabbed my not-so-dainty hand.

We walked hand-in-hand.  Mother and daughter.  It was beautiful.

It lasted all of 30 seconds before she stripped off her boots and ran off all while throwing tiny pieces of gravel to and fro.  Yet I got my 30 seconds of pure bliss. Thirty beautiful seconds that I wouldn't have traded for the world.  The most precious gift.


  1. Oh that is lovely. What a moment to treasure.

  2. ooo so wonderful! Tilly holds my hand more and more and more these days, its always joyous xxxx


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