Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Reese's Rainbow Family's Plea for Help

I have not forgotten the orphans listed on Reese's Rainbow (or any orphans over in Eastern Europe [EE] with special needs).  Not one day goes by that I do not think of my Tabitha.  My little girl who is trapped in Russia.

Today, I come to you on behalf of a friend whom I have written about here on this blog before.  Kelly and her husband adopted sweet Charlotte a few years ago and she has been thriving.  Thriving.  You can see just how well she is doing over at In Mama's Heart.  Kelly and Kyle have always planned on adopting another child.  In fact, they were ready to adopt two sweet children Little E and Baby A from Russia, Charlotte's home country, until the adoption ban went into effect.  Their hearts were broken.

Knowing that they could help another child and knowing that their family wasn't complete, they have decided to adopt Louisa, a wee bambina from another country in E.E. Louisa has Down syndrome and in her home country, she was placed in an orphanage because she is deemed "worthless", "unlovable".  Upon reaching the age of 4 or 5, she will be transferred to an institution to live our her days.  All because of her extra chromosome.  A little girl with Down syndrome, like my Ellie.  Transferred to unsavory conditions, unless someone adopts her.  Someone like Kelly. Kelly and Kyle are traveling in 7 days.  SEVEN days.

They funds are short by about $10,000.  They are desperate. In fact, Kelly is auctioning off her engagement ring on Facebook (please, I beg of you, if you win the drawing, do not accept the ring.  Could you imagine auctioning off your ring?!?).

Sponsor Louisa!

I don't often ask for money.  In fact, I am asking for plan ole help.  If help is in the form of monetary funds, great!  I know that paychecks have been stretched thin so I ask first and foremost that you share their story.  Donate if possible, but pray, send good thoughts, forward their blog.  Anything to help unite Kelly, Kyle, and Charlotte with their beloved Louisa.

Thank you.

If you have no idea why I am writing about Reese's Rainbow or abandoned children, please click here.  Warning: the video at the bottom is rather disturbing so have some tissues handy.



  1. Done! (I could not find a direct link to their FSP in this post so I had to go clicking...) I remember how exciting and scary the whole adoption process was, and how daunting it was to ask for financial help... so we are happy to pass it forward.

    1. Let me figure out the direct link. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I wish I had ALL the money for these kids. In the meantime, every little bit, right?

    1. me too. I would be broke, but at least some kids would be saved, right? Ever little bit adds up--absolutely correct!!!!!


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