Thursday, May 23, 2013

ABA Therapy and ID Bracelets for Kids

The Bear says:

Will perform awesome 

therapy stunts



*Will also work for balloons, stamps, and fruit snacks.

With regards to my last post, A Wandering Child, here are a few links for ID bands.  My daughter has a similar one in the first link.  Road ID offers bands that hook onto shoes.  For those of you who have children that actually keep their shoes on, this may be a good fit.

American Medical ID-Nylon Sport ID for kids (Ellie's is similar to this one.  Slightly different.)

Road ID Bracelets for Kids (my totally awesome cousin has on that looks like those LiveStrong bracelets)



  1. I love her smiling face with the bubbles. She and Owen would make a good bubble-lovin' team!

    Thanks for the bracelet info.......need to get on that ASAP.

    1. It is amazing how much kiddos love bubbles!

  2. Oh my word. That girl slays me with her beauty. Bubbles are indeed magical. Thanks for the info. I feel like until we have a walker we're safe... but it may happen in the next few years... haha :)

    1. The Beanie will be climbing because you know it. . . in fact, the Bear mastered climbing before she mastered walking!

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