Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Chicken

I hear from other parents how they cannot take their child down a toy aisle with out the "mommy mommy, I want this. . . I need this!".  I do not have that problem with Ellie.  She appreciates looking at the toys and will point things out to me, but she never asks for them and she never expects them.

When it is time for her birthday or Christmas, I have to guess at what she wants.  Usually I see what she likes at therapy and other people's houses.  The toy that she is loathe to leave.  That is why we have the Little People Princess Castle.  Which she never plays with at home, but goes nuts over at ABA therapy.  Or the Little People House that sits in her closet, but obsesses with at play dates.  Because it is always better at someone else's house.

Well, I finally figured out what she wants. . .

a 6-foot tall metal chicken.

It all started as a joke between friends.  It was Michelle's birthday (don't worry, I won't tell them your age!).  Andrew, Tori, Christine, and I thought it would be hilarious to give Michelle this chicken.  You know, ring the door bell, and when she opens it a chicken is there to greet her!  Seeing as we are the ones with the truck, Andrew and I had to be the ones to transport it.  Oh the stares and waves we got driving down 183!

Ellie Bear was with us when we picked up the chicken.  As it was being loaded into the truck bed, her face lit up.  A huge, beautiful smile.  Followed by "yeah yeah oh yeah YES!!!!" and lots of gracious "ank ooooh, ank oo, ank oo" coupled with the dramatic signing of "Thank you!".  It seems that girlfriend thought the chicken was for her and she was profoundly thanking us for this glorious gift. . . of a large metal chicken 3 times her size!

So how did Michelle like the chicken?  I am told it was fabulously received.  We didn't get to witness the event as someone, ahem Ellie, pulled a no-nap cranky-pants tantrum and we missed the festivities.



  1. Ellie can visit the chicken ANY time she wants! Although, it may be making the rounds to Carlyn's house in June seeing as Burt Reynolds loves to celebrate birthdays! :) Best 30-ish birthday present ever, haha.

    1. :-) That would be hilarious. I hope Carlyn takes good care of the chicken

  2. Now you need to go back and get her one. Or at least find a similar one in a smaller size.

    1. I do need to find a smaller one but I think she liked the fact it was HUGE

  3. Replies
    1. Yes! I had to go look up the other blog post about Beyonce the chicken. Hilarious. Anna, you should absolutely get your daughter a big metal chicken.

  4. That's hilarious and adorable. Thanks for sharing!


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