Monday, January 13, 2014

An Ellie Doll for Ellie: Extra Special Dolls

A few months ago, I wrote about a very small, Kickstarter business called Dolls for Downs.  A few years ago, after perusing a catalog of American Girl dolls, Hannah woefully stated that none of the dolls looked like her. This was the start of one woman's dream.  A dream to create a doll for her daughter Hannah who has Down syndrome.  A doll that resembles her.  This dream became bigger and expanded to create dolls for boys and girls of various hair colors, eye colors, and ethnicity while displaying some of the physiological characteristics common among people with Down syndrome such as the almond-shaped eyes, a sandal gap toe, simian hand crease, and even a heart surgery scar upon request.  Her left hand signs "I love you" in American Sign Language.

This is the Ellie doll.  You can order one with or without a heart scar.

Years of work were poured into this enterprise.  To make this dream a reality.  Not just for her daughter Hannah, but for others like my little Ellie.  Orders came in quickly, but as with any new business, there were bumps on the road.  There were delays in production.  Problem with the painting.  Yet Connie persevered and my little girl now has her very own Ellie doll (yes, this particular doll is named Ellie) and she is beautiful.

I am receiving nothing for writing this post.  I am inspired by Connie at Dolls for Downs and I want to spread the word about these "Extra Special Dolls".  Yes, there is a learning curve as Connie navigates starting a new business, but she is putting nothing but love and hard work into this.  To help make other children happy.

These dolls are for both boys and girls.  They are not just playmates, but also therapy dolls.  Dolls to help our children develop fine motor skills.  There are full length zippers, buttons, snaps, and a buckle.  the tie "converse" shoes are adorable.

OT fine motor development: zipper, buckle, laces, snaps.  Buttons on her jacket.

Ellie upon seeing her doll exclaimed "Ba-bee" [Barbie] and immediately began brushing her hair.  At 4 years-old, Ellie doesn't see herself as different, but she immediately saw this doll as her "playmate", her little buddy".

These dolls are 18 inches and the American Girl Doll dresses also fit these dolls.  The shoes however, will not fit your Extra Special Dolls.  Glasses and AFOs as well as Cardio Surgical scars are also available.

To learn more please visit:

The Dolls for Downs Facebook Page

The Extra Special Dolls Website

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